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Online Beekeeping

What does an online beekeeping class actually look and feel like?   

*Recordings and digital live attendance will be done via GoPro, so you'll see what I see. 

**For a sense of the video quality and viewpoint check out our recent YouTube videos here Class 1

We'll discuss types of hives, beekeeping equipment and tips for how to light a smoker.  Then we'll go into the yard for a demonstration on basic bee biology and hive structure.  We'll talk through what each bee does and why it's important. We'll complete a brief "hive check".  In person attendees will have some reflective time built into each Saturday. Digital students will do this work as "post work." 

Class 2

We'll focus on a beekeepers role in "bee tending" IE how to site a hive, how to support a hives growth and expansion, how to troubleshoot and what to look for that indicates health.  We'll discuss interventions such as when & how to feed bees.  We'll do a second inspection and compare Class 1 and Class 2 observations.  We'll discuss bee biology building on class 1 knowledge.

Class 3

We'll focus on how to track, respond to and manage for pests/disease, and conduct a full hive inspection based on seasonal needs.  

Class 4

We'll focus on when & how to harvest materials from the hive. We will incorporate product making into this course by rendering wax (start to finish), discuss methods for honey and propolis harvesting and how to do these ethically.  We'll discuss different health/wellness products that can be made from these materials, and it will include hands on demonstrations.  

Class 5

We'll review how to successfully overwinter a hive with early & late Fall preparations including:  feeding, mite monitoring, treatment/management strategies, preventing moisture build up, robbing, mice.  We'll discuss best hive orientation, how to wrap a hive if you live in a cold place, and when/how to check on a hive through winter.   

Each Class is Recorded

You can watch sessions at your leisure or join us live in digital space.

All participants will get access to my FREE e-book which includes beekeeping resources, worksheets, and planning tools, as well as interviews with beekeepers and details about why I work with bees the way that I do.  

Each student will have optional "post work" and be able to share insights, questions and work on in a group we'll create to help foster some community amongst participants.  We'll also have a Google Drive & YouTube links of recordings, resources and work samples to draw upon.


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