They Keep Bees: Beekeeping


In the same way that bees communicate through consensus building, our industry is stronger when we pool information.


I’ve been teaching apicultural courses at the collegiate level for years and wrote a book on beekeeping, Radicalize the Hive (get it free here).


Check out my on site classes here.  Get in touch about customized courses and off-site educational collaborations. 


Whether for individuals or small groups, I offer classes on a range of topics.


Past topics have included:

  • Beekeeping 101 & 102 Course for Beginners

  • Intermediate Beekeeping Strategies

  • Successfully Overwintering Hives in the Northeast

  • Chemical Free Hive Management

  • Apiary Expansion

  • Regenerative Apiary Planning

  • Queen Rearing Strategies

  • Structural Racism in the Beekeeping Industry

  • Mentorship for Beginning and Intermediate Beekeepers (individual or small group)

Beekeeping: Apiary Management in the Northeast, Episode 1 


Montague, MA

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