Ang Roell: Consulting

Reimagining Business Structures

Taking cues from ecology to cultivate work cultures of cooperative power 

Ang Roell

Do you know how bees communicate? 


Sure, most know that they dance out their news, but that’s just the beginning of what is remarkable. Bees share information through dance, investigation and verification.  Then the bees work together to build on each other’s knowledge, building consensus to make strong decisions. 

The longer I’ve worked as an apiarist (beekeeper), the more nature has taught me about organizational decision-making.


Throughout my professional career I’ve worked as an Executive Director, Evaluator, Developmental Specialist and Educator. Throughout these roles, I’ve led strategic planning efforts, conducted audits, managed large grants, and crafted innovative programming. I’ve collaborated with community partners using grassroots strategies. In all of these roles, I’ve seen how building strategies for effective cooperation & communication can improve the workplace. 

We’re in a state of constant production, preventing us from pausing to reflect. When we fail to stop, we can’t evaluate the impact of our actions. In organizations, that can lead to burn out, ineffective teams, and interpersonal conflict.

Cooperative, equitable working structures


While corporations often need hierarchies and chains of command, these structures aren’t necessary in every context. Moreover, they often deter progress, stifle creativity, and create toxic organization cultures. With a focus on bettering workplace environments through organic modeling, I work with growth-oriented businesses who realize that their success is rested on their team. You work with people, not resources.



  • Facilitation of meetings  

  • Organizational systems and/or process audits

  • Collaborative and experiential learning modules

  • Project design, implementation & evaluation



Each business is unique and requires different support to thrive. All my work is highly customized, evidence based, and rooted in justice-orientated, nature-based practices that improve workplace culture. While each working roadmap is different, there are some common practices I do with most clients through workplace wellness consult. ​

  1. Initial assessment/project debrief

  2. Conduct internal audit and/or facilitate dialogues  

  3. Design frameworks for change

  4. Implement frameworks which may include group workshops, training, or facilitation.


Sliding scale rate from $105-225 per hour. 


Not all of us have access to the same privileges. Sliding scale creates equitable access to my services and helps address the systemic oppression of marginalized groups.


Initial consultations and quotes are always free.