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"I learned more than enough to be successful in raising my own queens. The walkway method and grafting were very instrumental to me. The instructors and guest speakers were the best of the best.
Highly recommend any beekeeper to take this course."

2023 Queen School is over, reach out to us about future Queen School offerings. 

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Learn to raise
high quality queens!

Hands-on Queen School is an exciting and challenging way to learn about the specialized beekeeping practice of raising your own queens.  Class is held on-site at TKB and you’ll have ample time to connect with instructors and peer beekeepers from across the continent.

The value of Hands on Queen School is in learning natural and industry-standard practices side-by-side in a supportive, student-centered environment.  This class is offered on a sliding scale for beekeepers with all levels of experience. 

We can offer a sliding scale for this class, too.



Online Queen School

Online Queen School is a great opportunity to learn from and connect with other beekeepers during the darker months of the year.  The content presented is much of the background theory that will be applied to the Hands On Queen School classes.

The value of Online Queen School is learning about a myriad of practices and their applications from experienced queen producers and bee researchers.  Online classes are monthly webinars where we host guest Queen Breeders from all over the continent to share their practices and stories.

Online classes are FREE!

Our next Online Queen School class will be in April 2023.

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Online Beginners Bee School

Are you new to beekeeping?  Want to dip your toe into this fun and fascinating hobby to see if it’s for you?  Join Ang Roell of TKB for this immersive online class.  Class units are offered weekly, class is self-directed so you can work at your own pace, and choose to connect with other beginners via the TKB Discord/Slack.

The class is an asset to beginners and you’ll get access to class materials all year long as you wade into your first year of beekeeping.  You’ll have access to step-by-step guides to best practices in each season, how to monitor for Varroa mites and more! Sliding scale coupons are available.

Open Apiary Day

Open Apiary Day is a great opportunity to dip your feet into the world of beekeeping without making a big commitment, or just come visit to get a better idea of what we do. You will join a small group and be introduced to our methods of beekeeping, observe the way a hive functions, and have ample time to ask us all your burning beekeeping questions.

This is a great way to determine whether you’d like to take the next step into beekeeping! Sliding scale coupons are available for this course.


Consultations with Ang

Need a one-on-one session to plan your apicultural project?  Want to improve your beekeeping practice with a personally designed curriculum?  Have a site in mind for bees, and want a professional assessment of what to do next? 

Ang can guide you about how to develop a beekeeping practice, how to build a relationship with honeybees or how you can implement tools & resources from Radicalize the Hive into your own community or organization. 


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