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They Keep Bees: Beekeeping

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Raising Resilient & Adaptive Hives

Our relationship with bees is rooted in sustainable stewardship and quantifiable research.  We maintain diverse lines of bees in our apiary.  We monitor and select for hygenic behavior in our bees, an adaptation to Varroa mites. 

All of this helps build resilient and genetically diverse bees!

Genetic Diversity

We work with diverse bees who express a variety of Varroa-resistant behaviors.   

Our queens are selected for Varroa Sensitive Hygiene, they are adaptive to the bioregions where they are raised (the Northeast and Southeast Coast of the US). 


High quality queens can help move the beekeeping industry forward, ensuring that the bees are equipped with the characteristics that safeguard their survival.  

Varroa Resistance

Several traits can indicate Varroa resistance in bees, but we select our breeder queens from hives that have demonstrated "Varroa sensitive hygiene" or VSH.  


That means they have shown an ability to uncap Varroa infested brood cells and disrupt the breeding cycle of the mites.  This behavior can be tested for using a test called a Harbo assay.  It is also a heritable trait passed through the mother line, which means our bees can inherit his resistant trait from their mothers. 

Collaboration:  Want to  invite us to speak or teach in your community?

We love to collaborate with other apiaries and farms, host events and courses, and share information. 

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