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My Story


My professional story isn't linear. I paid my way through college by bartending overnights in a Miami Beach night club, set sail as a crew member on a solar powered sail boat and traversed the US teaching ecology & art in alternative educational spaces.

In 2010 I landed in Boston, where I studied radical education praxis with my mentors at Mission Hill School. 


While attending graduate school, I volunteered with a collective of beekeepers.  Together we started the Boston Area Beekeeper Association and the Boston Tour de Hives, a bicycle powered apiary tour of the greater Boston area.


Now I'm rooted in Western Massachusetts. Here, I've catalyzed my organizational & apicultural skills into one business.

In my work with bees I cultivate queen bees who are adaptive to changing climates. 


In my consulting work I support organizations committed to effective models of cooperation. 


In both of these roles I build resilient, adaptive collaborations that catalyze change.

Ang Roell
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