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Ang Roell: Consulting


Educating People, Strengthening Businesses 

Dynamic & accessible training


While I prefer to focus on designing organizational culture and change-making frameworks, workshops are a great way to fill knowledge gaps. Often the challenges that prompt the need for a workshop are organizational and best addressed by conducting an assessment and crafting an action plan.   


Workshops include:

  • Authentic community engagement

  • Alliance building and collaborative communication

  • Emergent facilitation strategies

  • How to collect and aggregate community data equitably

  • Cooperative strategies for organizational growth

  • Gender diversity & equity training 

  • Anti-oppression training with Mainspring Change Consultants


Past clients have included TerraCorps, Pioneer Valley Grows, Nuestras Raíces, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, The Women’s Center at Montague Catholic Social Ministries, Northeast Organic Farming Association, and Florida International University.

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