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Ang Roell

Data Driven Strategist. Facilitator. Work Place Culture Consultant. Founder @ They Keep Bees

Facilitation, Training, Speaking Engagements and Consultations

Examining, evaluating, and re- imagining business structures

Taking cues from ecology to cultivate working cultures of cooperative power 

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We’re in a state of constant production, preventing us from pausing to reflect. When we fail to stop, we can’t evaluate the impact of our actions. In organizations, that can lead to burn out, ineffective teams, and interpersonal conflict.

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Cooperative, equitable working structures

While businesses may need hierarchies or chains of command for clarity in roles, these structures aren’t necessary in every context.

Moreover, they often stifle creativity and deter progress. With a focus on bettering workplace environments through organic modeling, I work with growth-oriented businesses who realize that their success is rested on their team.  

My Process

Each business is unique and requires different support to thrive. All my work is highly customized, and rooted in evidence-based practices that improve workplace culture. While each working roadmap is different, there are some common practices I do with most clients:

  1. Initial assessment/project debrief

  2. Conduct internal audit and/or facilitate interviews/discussions

  3. Design frameworks for change

  4. Implement frameworks which may include group workshops, training, or facilitation


Rate is $200 per hour.  Sliding scale available. 

Initial consultations and quotes are always free.


  • Facilitation of meetings  

  • Organizational systems and/or process audits

  • Collaborative and experiential learning modules

  • Project design, implementation & evaluation

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