Who Am I, and How I Approach my Work 


I am a white, nonbinary/trans person of predominantly Ukrainian & German heritage.  I was raised working class.  I have the educational privilege of holding an advanced degree. I am neurodivergent and live with chronic illnesses that impact my physical presence in this world.


All of these intersecting identities define my holistic understanding of self.  Most importantly, amidst all of these intersections of my identity I practice radical self love. 


I love myself. 

I show this love by taking care of my body and my spirit. I show this love by practicing rituals of care. I show this love by putting my values into actions so I can live my intentions. I show this love by holding space for my most resilient self to thrive, and my most vulnerable self to be seen. I show this love by encouraging those around me to love themselves in these ways.


I want to be a conduit for connectivity.

Guiding Principles

I believe in co-liberation. I have an anti-racism practice. I approach this work with care & rigor.

  • I educate myself about the intersections of my identity. I recognize I have an implicitly white supremacist world view, because of systemic racism and the myriad privileges of whiteness.
  • I am unlearning my own internalized whiteness, and healing from these harmful messages. I embrace where I can learn from my missteps and errors. I am compassionate with myself.

I value my own healing.

  • I recognize my resilience. I name and honor my vulnerability.
  • I hold myself accountable to my values/actions.

I value equitable reciprocity in relationships.

  • I work to practice equitable reciprocity in my relationships by both resource sharing and asking clearly for what I need.
  • I know that equity is not "equal", and I hold balance in my relationshps.
  • I embrace healthy conflict as an invitation to grow.

I value family, and recognize family means many things to many people.

  • I create intentional time for my partner, my friends and my chosen family.
  • I work to heal the complex relationships with my blood family by building new relationships where old patterns once lived.
  • I work to understand my history, and my ancestory.
  • I practice forgiveness, compassion and expressing gratitude in my relationships.

I am a lifelong learner, a curious teacher, a social & insect scientist.

  • I practice beekeeping as a tool for lifelong learning.
  • I write, research and teach about beekeeping. I make this learning accessible by offering free educational resources to BIPOC and low income folks. Please contact me at info@theykeepbees.com for more details.

I value queer community building that is intersectional across race, class, ability and gender expression.

  • I build community (friendships, loves, intimacies) across intersections of identity.
  • I center queerness in both my work and in my community building. I am an advocate for queer justice across race, class, ability and gender expression.

I value both closeness/intimacy and autonomy, I respect others divergent needs for both.

  • I set boundaries with others.
  • I honor others’ boundaries.

I value mobility and capacity to reconnect to bioregions I call home.

  • I spend time in the South, because of its importance to my place based history.
  • I vision into ways communities can connect, collaborate, and share resources constructively.