Who Am I, and How I Come to the Work 


I am a white, nonbinary/trans person of predominantly Ukrainian, German & Portuguese heritage.  I am currently partnered with someone who holds some middle class privilege. I am neurodivergent.  I also have two chronic conditions that impact my physical presence in this world: celiac and rheumatoid arthritis.


I come from a lineage of women who have intuitive dreams and/or visions. I have these dreams/visions. These dreams inform and define how I make decisions in the world.  Some may classify this neurodivergence as “mad.”


I was raised working class, and I live in a community very different than the one I grew up in (race/class/place) but this community IS similar to communities my great-grandparents were a part of when they came migrated this country (race/class/place).   

All of these intersecting identities define my holistic understanding of self.  But the most important defining characteristic?


I love myself. 

I show this love by taking care of my body and my spirit. I show this love by practicing rituals of care. I show this love by putting my values into actions so I can live my intentions. I show this love by holding space for my most resilient self to thrive, and my most vulnerable self to be seen. I show this love by encouraging those around me to love themselves in these ways.

I want to be a conduit for connectivity.


Montague, MA

© 2020 Ang Roell

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