Who Am I, and How I Come to the Work 


I am a white, nonbinary/trans person of predominantly Ukrainian, German & Portuguese heritage.  I am currently partnered with someone who holds some middle class privilege. I am neurodivergent and live with two chronic conditions that impact my physical presence in this world: celiac and rheumatoid arthritis.


I come from a lineage of women who have intuitive dreams and/or visions. I was raised working class, and I live in a community very different than the one I grew up in (race/class/place) but this community IS similar to communities my great-grandparents were a part of when they came migrated this country (race/class/place).   

All of these intersecting identities define my holistic understanding of self.  But the most important defining characteristic?


I love myself. 

I show this love by taking care of my body and my spirit. I show this love by practicing rituals of care. I show this love by putting my values into actions so I can live my intentions. I show this love by holding space for my most resilient self to thrive, and my most vulnerable self to be seen. I show this love by encouraging those around me to love themselves in these ways.

I want to be a conduit for connectivity.

Guiding Principles

I am an anti-racist. I believe in co-liberation. I approach this work with rigor.

  • I continue to educate myself about the ways the intersections of my identity both oppress and are oppressed.
  • I practice awareness of how my oppressor identities impact those around me.
  • I recognize I am implicitly racist, because of systemic racism and the myriad privileges of whiteness.
  • I use my white privilege as a leveraging point in white spaces AND in ally spaces for the betterment of those oppressed.
  • I seeking healing from my internalized white supremacy and racism.
  • I seek to build friendships, communities, loves, intimacies that will hold me accountable to this value.
  • I hold my white friends accountable to engaging in unpacking their white privilege.
  • I do not shirk from being told I cause harm, but embrace where I can learn from my missteps and errors.
  • I am compassionate with myself. I use this compassion to move forward my healing.
  • I pay reparations regularly to BIPOC orgs, and advocate for other white folks to do the same via media platforms and interpersonal relationships.

    I WANT to pay them as a part of a pending land transfer/downsize in the form of a larger gift or sustained regular gifts.

I value my own healing.

  • I seek out healthy consensual supports for processing my trauma.
  • I recognize my resilience.
  • I name and honor my vulnerability.
  • I let me feelings be hurt, and still hold myself accountable to my values/actions.
  • I set and hold clear boundaries.

I value equitable reciprocity in relationships.

  • I work to practice equitable reciprocity in my relationships by both resource sharing and asking clearly for what I need.
  • I respect people’s boundaries.
  • I clearly set and hold my own boundaries.
  • I forgive myself and others.

I value family, both chosen and blood family.

  • I work to create time for my partner, my friends and my chosen family. I hold this time as sacred and center it above capitalist pursuits.
  • I work to heal the complex relationships with my blood family by building new relationships where old harmful patterns once lived, and by forgiving old harms.
  • I practice forgiveness, compassion and expressing love/gratitude in my relationships.

I value living in shared spaces.

  • I share space with my partner.
  • I vision into sharing both land and space with others in small dwellings.
  • I share land stewardship with others.
  • I share this land with QTBIPOC folks seeking retreat and time/space on land.

I am a lifelong learner, a curious teacher, a social & insect scientist.

  • I live into these values of learning and nerding by seeking out new information on my passions regularly, and sharing them with others in both my professional and personal realm.
  • I practice beekeeping as a lifelong learning tool.
  • I believe beekeeping is a tool for transformative justice if practiced with mindfulness and care
  • I write about, teach out and talk about these ideas with curious folks.

I value queer community building that is intersectional across race, class, ability and gender expression.

  • I live into this value by building community (friendships, loves, intimacies) across these intersections of identity.
  • I live into this value by centering queerness in my work and in my community building efforts by being an out advocate for queer justice across race, class, ability and gender expression.
  • I call for queer community I am a part of to continue to work towards collective healing by learning about transformative justice and offering my listening heart to conflicts that arise in community.

I value both closeness/intimacy and autonomy, I respect others divergent needs for both.

  • I set boundaries with others.
  • I honor others’ boundaries.
  • I clearly state when I need “me” or “solo” or “recharge” time

I value mobility and capacity to travel and reconnect to “home” bioregions.

  • I create time for travel.
    I do this by weaving work/learning/travel time together.
  • I spend time in SFL and the South, because of their importance to my place based history and present.
  • I vision into ways my communities can connect, collaborate and share resource, culture and values constructively.


Montague, MA

© 2020 Ang Roell

Created by Sage Orville