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They Keep Bees: Beekeeping


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Our bees are genetically diverse with regionally adaptive qualities that make them more resilient to Varroa mites, extreme weather, viruses, and loss of habitat than their commercially bred counterparts.  You can read more about our bees and how we work with them on the Our Bees page, or place an order for our bees below. 

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Classes & Speaking Engagements

We love teaching people about bees! 


Whether at the community or collegiate level, teaching people about bees builds so many beautiful connections.  Just like bees, who share knowledge through vibration and dance, beekeepers can share knowledge through practice. 

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Want something different?  Get in touch with us here about customized courses and off-site educational collaborations. 

Possible Topics Include: 


Need a one-on-one session to plan your apicultural project?  Want to improve your beekeeping practice with a personally designed curriculum?  Have a site in mind for bees, and want a professional assessment of what to do next? 


Book a consultation with Ang now.  

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A Sample Instructional Session:  Inspecting A Comfort Hive

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